The Search For The Last First Kiss!

With my divorce finally behind me I had decided that it was time to move forward. I was looking for my "last first kiss." To my dismay this dating thing turned out to be right up there with root canals. Having been married for 30 years, dating was something I was no longer good at. I have met some wonderful women along the way. From a beauty queen to a stripper and a princess, I have seen it all. Some were not right for me while others, I was not right for them. Fortunately for me it was a happy ending as you will see from the clip below. The Delight in reading Chapter 12 though, is not how it ends but rather the trials and tribulations that got me to the end!

There are hundreds of ways to meet people and now with the new social media movement it is easier then ever. Face book, tinder, and of course dating web sites are everywhere. Many cost money and some you may have thought were free, turned out not to be. The best one I found is truly fantastic and completely free!

I highly recommend this site, and it's name says it all... If you are low on funds or don't have the money to spend, try this one out "first," and you probably won't need a "second."

And if you are wondering... I make no money off of this endorsment!

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