About the Author
Mr. Gus Searcy came into this world in an unusual way and has since lived an unusual and varied life.

At age 16, his parents signed over power of attorney to him as an adult so he could play the stock market. Once they realized he really knew what he was doing, the only way to buy and sell over the phone was to give him "adult" status.

By 17 he was earning a significant income and has been doing that every year since... (he jokes, that it is only about 5 years now).

By age 19 he became a landlord owning one of the most rented condos in Mammoth, California.

At age 21 he became the youngest owner in the world of a 7-11 franchise.

By age 24 he owned a world champion Frisbee catching dog, which made more money than some people make in a lifetime.

By age 26, as a performing member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, he became one of the highest paid magicians in the world.

By age 28 he invented and perfected a new product and technology that landed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. where it resides today. If you know about Alexa,Echo,Siri and other voice operated systems, they began with him.

His success in life, and his very life itself, was made from a series of positive choices most people would not have made. This book is about those choices and how the power of positive choice affected his life and could change your life as well!

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