About This Book

For years, people have asked me to write a book and for years, I said no. After much coercion, I relented. I hope you will find value from the stories herein.

The premise of this book is that bad things happen to people all of the time. When that moment arrives, each of us makes a decision and chooses a path based upon the negative thing or event. Too often though, it is easier for us to take the negative stance than the positive one. Blame someone or something for his or her lack of success.Take on the role of victim and buy into the "poor me" logic.

The purpose of the book is to get people to take a positive direction they might not otherwise have taken. This book is a collection of true stories focusing on that point, so when a negative event happened, the positive choice or direction was made. This is a direction which most people would not have taken, with remarkable and life altering results. This web site documents many of those events or results from those events.

The ability for positive thinking is something we all are capable of doing and it is my hope this book will inspire you to make more positive choices in your life.

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