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What weights about the same as a roll of pennies, is thinner than a glasses case and can be used all year around?


It's a Sombrella! Now, I know you're saying, "What's so special about an umbrella?" Well, you have never had an umbrella like this!

The biggest problem with an umbrella these days, is that they are never around when you need one. Maybe, it's raining, or it's hot, and you left yours at home, because umbrellas are just too bulky to carry around every day. Generally, they are just a pest. Well, take a look at this new and improved umbrella! It's NEW, it's SLEEK, and, it's guaranteed to be the lightest umbrella you have ever seen or used. You can tell just by looking at it, it's thinner than an eyeglass case. It can fit in the inside the vest pocket of a man's suit, and not create a bulge. Or, it can easily fit into your purse, your glove compartment, your brief case or a child's back-pack! This umbrella WILL be there when you need it, and be out of the way when you don't. It only weighs 3.8 ounces! That's about the same as a roll of pennies. Finally, weight is not an issue! The Sombrella weighs about half that of other small ordinary folding umbrellas. In addition, this umbrella has very sturdy construction, with its aluminum handle and its aluminum pole. Plus, the end rods are made of nylon, which are the same materials used in fishing poles. So, unlike ordinary umbrellas, it won't easily bend and break. The Sombrella is even coated with Teflon, so water shakes off quickly. The Sombrella is so easily maneuverable, even a child can use it, allowing kids to carry it in their back pack to and from school. Adding only 3.8 ounces of weight, this umbrella allows you to even carry it in your back pocket. This is truly a remarkable umbrella! One that will always be there when you need it. That is "some umbrella"! That's why it's called a SOMBRELLA

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